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Becoming a parent is the fastest, craziest, most total transformation in life.

I’m Shira Coleman, founder of Playbies and joyful mother of 2. When I went from the office to the rocking chair my “life” came to a screeching halt. I loved having a baby and I loved that I was finally a mom… but I was not experiencing the baby bliss I was promised, that’s for sure.

I developed some great tools though!

Out of desperation! It took me years, and two babies, and lots of help from early childhood experts, psychologists, self help programs, pediatricians, sleep experts and neuroscientists. But I’m so glad I got it! And I can’t wait to give it to you!

Some people are natural parents.

Heck, some people are Picasso, Beethoven, or Steve Jobs. But they are the parenting prodigies and geniuses. Most of us have to learn this stuff through education and practice, or trial and error. If a baby grand piano was delivered you wouldn’t expect to sit down to it and play a concerto!

How do you become a joyful parent?


Confident, capable and loving parenting?

Give yourself the gift of the Playbies Parenting online course. Packed full of the science based tools and information you need to make parenting decisions that are right for you!

Registration closes at Noon the 20th!

Do you have any of these symptoms of new parenthood?


My first couple of weeks were amazing! I had all these hormones from the birth and having a new beautiful baby to stare at. They were all bouncing around my body helping me stay awake all hours.

I didn’t feel tired at all!

And then it all caught up to me…

I needed to sleep but every time the baby slept I had a couple little things to catch up on and meant to lay down right after, and then, the baby was up again. I was awake throughout the night nursing, rocking, making sure the baby was breathing.

I was a wreck!

The Playbies Parenting Community 8 week course will get you the sleep you need!

We’ll introduce you to the Playbies sleep expert who will give you more tools and knowledge to help you help your baby sleep… so that you can!


I can’t tell you the millions of tiny worries I went through as a new parent… but I’d bet you have a list right now!

I had no idea what was normal;

  • how much sleep is enough?
  • how many wet or dirty diapers per day?
  • how much milk is baby getting?
  • how much weight should they be gaining?
  • how do I know if they are too cold or too hot?
  • should I pick baby up every time he cries or am I teaching him to cry all the time?… on and on and on with worry.

I truly wanted to be the perfect parent.

The Playbies Parenting Community 8 week course will introduce you to baby experts, explain the science of total child development and give you the tools and confidence to release your worry and feel like a seasoned parent!


Oh yes! This one too!!!! I literally felt my brain turning to mush. If I had to sing “The Wheels on the Bus” one more time!

My sleep deprived brain couldn’t think of all the wonderful games and activities I knew just months before.

I needed to hear and speak full sentences of English.

For the first time, I understood why soap operas were a thing!

But, I was still saying no to TV so… I worked my butt off to gather resources, schedule friends, find baby friendly hang outs, talk to other moms.

The Playbies Parenting Community 8 week course gives you a step by step boredom busting plan that will enrich your life AND be appropriate for baby.


This was the big one for me. Moving from the busy office to the rocking chair was a rude awakening.

I felt so alone.

I felt like I was bothering everyone with my thousands of questions and need for company and grown up conversation.

My relationship with my partner was suffering as he returned to work and I was jealous of his “time off”.

My friends were still going swing dancing and I was nursing, changing diapers, and trying desperately to keep the television off so that my baby didn’t get early screen time.

The tools the Playbies Parenting Community 8 week course offers you identifies your resources and walks you through setting them up to support you in your new parenthood.

You will swiftly feel supported and capable as you go through the first two years of your baby’s life and the support structures you create will serve you into the future!

Worried you don’t have time to learn to love parenting?

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Worried you don’t have time for a transformational course like this?

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You can still get a huge amount out of this course if you just don’t have the time to attend the full live modules.


Questions Answered Live

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Bring your co-parents, grandparents and caregivers along Free!

Men’s Only Meeting –  Dads, grandpas, and male caregivers’ dedicated time to talk shop about babies.

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Meet Just a Few Of Our Experts

Michael Holden Klingler

Michael Holden Klingler

Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

Michael is a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant. He holds Certifications in Infant and Young Child Sleep through Happiest Baby on the Block and Baby Sleep Consultant, ltd., a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics, a Bachelors of Arts in Religion. He has also worked with men’s interpersonal depth workshops where he learned the importance of listening to and honoring the experience of others. As a Sleep Consultant, he incorporates his experience as a teacher and in men’s depth work into his practice of helping families develop supportive practices around their children’s sleep.

Michael is married and has two young children. He enjoys listening to families, providing education on how sleep works, helping them create solutions for their children’s sleep that are a good fit for the individual family, and coaching them through the changes. His desire is to set parents up for a good start with sleep and, should any difficulties arise along the way, offer support in getting sleep back on track.

Wilma Gold

Wilma Gold

Child Development and Early Education

Wilma Gold holds a BA in Human Development, Pacific Oaks College and an MSW from Yeshiva University. She has over 30 years of experience in childcare and early education settings, including parent participation preschool, faith based, private, corporate and state funded programs. She is also, former Director of Childcare and Early Education Services for the University of California Santa Cruz and Current Adjunct Professor at Pacific Oaks College.  Wilma has served as president of the Peninsula Association for the Education of Young Children and as a member of the California State AEYC board of directors. She chaired the Santa Cruz County Child Care Planning Council. She is a long time member of Educators for Peaceful Classrooms and Communities Inc. and a regular presenter of workshops including national and state early childhood conferences, the University of Wyoming Early Childhood Education Institute and staff and parent trainings throughout California. In addition to her early childhood work, Wilma is active in local social justice organizations and is a dedicated grandmother of two.
Nora Yarena

Nora Yarena

Postpartum Doula, Family Life Educator

Nora is a Certified Family Life Educator as well as a trained birth and postpartum doula. Her degree from Fresno State University is in Family Sciences. Her field specialty is ‘womb to tomb’ applying the scientific method to studying families from conception to death. Her special interests include working with families in recovery and in at risk communities, supporting parents postpartum, infant sleep, and core attachment (attachment between primary caregivers and children.) She is a mother of 6. Her hope is that her contribution to Playbies will bring confidence to new parents and help them to find the joy in parenting, and that their children will feel loved through play.

Here is what we cover:

Module 1

Finding resources when you aren’t resourceful:
6 steps to get what you need including sleep

Module 3

Inspiring true baby-bliss:
7 steps to get at what you really want for your baby

Module 5

Supporting baby’s brain development and emotional health:
The experts speak!

Module 6

Supporting baby’s physical health:
The experts speak part 2!

Module 2

Child Development
Is this normal? The development spreadsheet of everything you need to know

Module 4

The 3 foundations for joyful parenting:
Fortifying your relationship with caregivers, your co-parent and yourSELF!

  1. Knowing what you want
  2. Engaging your passions
  3. Overcoming limitations

Module 7

Parents as guides
6 pillars for raising a healthy child

We would love to have you! As we begin the journey to joyful parenting together, inclusion in this course is available only until Noon June 20th

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‘till we begin parenting joyfully